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Please join, add your own blogs about life @ work, what you do, how you got into your job, what studies you may be doing to further your career, that type of thing. I am starting a course over three years of business studies, so If you have done any of these types of studies, or work in the work industry,as a worker bee, please blog as I am only a little knowledgeable to a small degree with business, as my husband and I ran our own business for about a year....so If you want to partisipate and share your experience etc please feel welcome, and add your own blogs as I don't always, and give each other support too! work, work, work!work, work, work!

Business Studies

Posted By Rachie Rees on Sep 28, 2007 at 3:44AM

Hi sugar's

Yes it has been a while since my last blog, but as you know I am studing a business course so a lot of my time is consumed studing....

The first assignment I have is on venture capital vs borrowed funds. how to create a profit forcast, and a basic understanding of how shares in a company work, if any of you work in any area of business: I don't care if you find it dull, I am really interested in all aspects and really care about how it all works:

So If you could blog in the group or give me tips, pointers, websites, anything that will support this interest as I am sure I am not the only one studing business studies.

To help you all my first textbook is all about financial management, Nz bases it running of a company on the Usa 's which makes it heaps easier.

anyway: if you work with shares
Own your own business
do taxes
do profit margins and analysis
are an accountant
work in finance
work at the bank
work in a company
or a student studing simular topics
join and contribute

thanks sugars, you guys are a great friends and support while I do this:

Auckland CityBusiness Capital of New zealand:Auckland City

If your in business: this will be of interest

Posted By Rachie Rees on Aug 21, 2007 at 11:41PM

I just have been checking this site out, and if you are curious to how to set up,and go about business, this site explains it all, a huge directory of glossery terms as well.....Check it out and blog me your thoughts!

My Double Life

Posted By lilchocoholick on Aug 13, 2007 at 7:31AM

Hi! My name is L.. I have a 9-5 and a hustle..

My 9-5 is with a performing rights org where I am a Business Analyst with a focus on training. I spend most of my day approving business requirements for a company wide application we are developing. As parts of the application go live, I get to build the training materials (powerpoint presentation, manual, handouts, graphics-charts and process flows) and prepare for User Acceptance Testing. Usually, I get to also lead the training and present the materials I have built. That is by far my favorite part. In addition, I am learning to build something called context sensitive help for the application. I use a tool called RoboHelp to add instructions for each page of the application. (like when you click on help in microsoft office programs)

As for my hustle, I am a rep for Mark. I loved their lip gloss and have been getting all of my friends addicted. I am trying to do more fundraisers because I want to contribute to the community. My first fundraiser type event is next week.. I blogged about it on my page.. (if you are interested in learning more about mark.. message me :-) )

I'm curious to see what everyone else does for a living.. :-D

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Notice To :Women in Business

Posted By Rachie Rees on Aug 13, 2007 at 3:23AM

Business Sugars,

Hi Sugars,

I have started yet another group called business sugar, so if you work, and want to chat about what you do please feel welcome.

If you are a career women and want to share about work, what you do, the hours you slave etc..you can, please add your own blogs and tell us anything business.

I am starting a business studies course in the next few weeks so the input would be really helpful...and if your studying you are free to join too.

please start blogging and get it out, business is business!